A Lingering Doubt

From Publishers Weekly Jack Bard, a successful veteran lawyer, is pitted against Keane Williams, a grandstanding young prosecutor with designs on elected office. Bard’s client Drusus Church is a...
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Choice of Evils

  Rommel leaves her beloved Denver to travel to Washington, D.C., to help prosecute the case of an American accused of killing an Arab from Rashidi, only to find herself working for the defense i...
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Kid Curry’s Last Ride

It’s the 1930s, just a few decades past the days of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and twelve year old Alex thinks it might be interesting to rob a bank. Spending the summer with his grandmo...
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Leonardo’s Hand

Leonardo’s Hand Leonard Smith, called “Nard,” turns out to be the kind of boy who surprises everyone, including himself. An orphan with only one hand, Nard is used to bouncing from one foste...
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The Gambler, the Minstrel, and the Dance Hall Queen

The setting is Denver, 1976. Joe Reddman, private investigator with the ethic of an Indian, returns. A brutal, headline-grabbing murder has occurred, and Brandy Winters gives Joe a tip that could brea...
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The Player

“Living alone is easier for me than living with a woman. It’s easier for the woman, too. Sometimes I shoot at things when I wake up—the telephone, or the alarm clock, or the sun—and women tend...
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The Trials of Kate Hope

Book Description When she was not yet a teenager, Kate Hope started “reading law” in the office of “Judge” Hope, her half-blind grandfather, a grumpy eighty-nine-year-old lawyer with problems....
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The Water Cure

The NASP is an elite force of investgating attorneys and one of them wants to find out who really murdered the city’s drug lords.
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The Waterbed Murder

Though written for readers of the mid-1970’s, this award-winning mystery and Book Club selection remains a compelling read. In 1975, Denver, Colorado, was emerging from cow town into big city, and t...
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cover of The Widow of Dartmoor

The Widow of Dartmoor

The Widow of Dartmoor is the sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles. Beryl Stapleton felt joy, when her husband Jack was sucked into the Grimpen Mire. Free of his oppressive evil, she opened a fashio...
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